We welcome you all over the country with our currency buying and selling service!

Foreign exchange services based on pre-order in the branch offices of Exclusive Change!


Currency exchange service

In addition to the most popular currencies, the currencies of the neighboring countries are also continuously available in our network.


Fast money transfer:

Western Union is the world’s largest money transfer service provider.

Gold trading

Our company deals in gold bullion buying and investment gold selling, and we offer a few grams of inserts and kilos of blocks.

VAT Refund

For further information, please visit our designated branch offices.

Sale of motorway toll stickers (vignettes)

Exclusive Change, in cooperation with National Toll Payment Services PLC, sells motorway toll stickers in its designated branch offices.

Mobile phone top-up

We provide our customers with wide-ranging opportunities to top up their prepaid mobile phones.


Paysafecard is one of Europe’s most popular and most tested prepaid online payment tools which makes online payment extremely simple, secure and fast.