What do you have to do?

  • Purchase our travel insurance product.
  • Call our customer service 24 hours a day up to the day before your departure at the latest.
  • Activate your insurance by submitting your code indicated on the insurance policy, and from hour zero of the next day you and your family will be able to travel safely!

Who is the travel insurance recommended for?

  • For those who love convenient solutions,
  • For those who decide to travel at the very last moment,
  • For those who live near the borders,
  • For those who often travel abroad because of their work.

Why does Exclusive worldwide travel insurance mean an ideal solution for foreign trips?

  • You can optionally choose protection and assistance abroad even for a period of 30 days depending on your needs.
  • It is convenient as it easy to purchase.
  • It offers comprehensive insurance coverage from medical expenses to legal defence (legal costs, bail).
  • It provides an upper limit of HUF 30 million in the case of accident or disease.
  • Unlike European Health Insurance Card, this contract provides you comprehensive protection.
  • Baggage insurance up to HUF 250,000, which is to be understood by person.
  • Car + Assistance service for personal vehicles (to cover on the spot repair, costs of towing and transport of the insured persons).
  • Flexible and customized solutions.
  • You may insure your whole family (up to two adults and three children) with one contract during your journey.

Important information:
The purchased insurance may be used until 31 December, 2017.

In order to activate your insurance, you need to register via phone on the day prior to your departure.
For further information, please contact our branch offices.

Table of charges according to travel type Period of stay abroad
3 days 8 days
Individual package (up to 1 people) HUF 1,500 HUF 3,900
Family package (up to 5 people) HUF 4,100 HUF 10,500
Family package Car + Assistance HUF 15,000